• Are You Ready For Undesired Events?

    Planning for the undesired, accidents and possible unknowns in life. Recently, a remote friend of mine died during an accident. I don't feel particularly sad, but I was shocked to know because the scenario was quite dramatic.

    Its High Time for Lifetime Savings Accounts

    I'm constantly reading articles on the internet and in financial magazines in which so-called financial planning experts express perplexity as to why about 30% of employees do not participate in their employers' 401(k) plans. These writers don't seem to have clue. Well, allow me to enlighten them a bit. For the most part, it's because of the restrictions imposed on the employees' money.

    Get Rich Doing What Others Dont

    "The quickest way to wealth

    Wealth Building Tips: Manage Your Money

    As someone who loves to shop, enjoys holidays and owns way too many pairs of shoes, managing my finances is definitely something that does not come naturally to me, I have had to learn. Managing your money is so important in becoming more organised, less stressed and more productive in your life - you'll be amazed at what you can achieve with your money when it starts working for you, rather than you always working for it!

    Does Money Grow On Trees?

    "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees."

    The PDQ? Factor

    It's the beginning of a brand new year: a time to set goals, make plans, and start afresh; a time to dream of making more money, having a more beautiful body, and experiencing more love. I can't help you with your body or your love life but I can show you some tools for making more money this year.

    How to Grow Your Very Own Money Tree

    Okay. So money doesn't really grow on trees. Unless you plant your own Mighty Money Tree, that is!

    The Secrets of World Money Flows and A Simple Way to Understand Them

    You can learn the secrets of world monetary flow if you will simplify the concept. The Allegory of a "The Beach Ball," is not taught in all universities, perhaps it should be. Learn what the elite know about the money flow. This abstract thought "The Beach Ball Effect" help to bring light to the flow of money in World Economies for your personal financial future and assist you in teaching your kids about the world of money.

    Building Wealth: A Wealth Building Strategy Is More Than Simply Diversifying Your Investments

    Wealth - an abundance of values. Each of us determines what is or is not of value to us. He or she may not be wealthy even though they may have a great deal of money because they have no honor, no happiness.

    3 Simple Ways to Generate Cash Flow

    This article focuses on generating cash as a full time job or "on the side" to support your business. These are three easy methods that will help you grow your business while generating more cash on the side.

    Creating Money, Prosperity, and Abundance Now (Part 1)

    I have given many prosperity lectures over the years and, in light of the current massive restructuring of all world and financial systems, I feel that now is the time for all of us to review our beliefs and refocus on manifesting prosperity and abundance in our lives. I do "walk my talk" and so I would love to share my experiences and knowledge with you. On the following pages, I will present you with some valuable tools that you can begin to use right away, to create money, prosperity and abundance in your life - with almost instantaneous results.

    Creating Money, Prosperity, and Abundance Now (Part 2)

    Giving and Receiving

    From Debt to Financial Freedom

    The vast majority of working people are in debt. The vast majority of people who are now in debt are always struggling to find better jobs with higher pay checks. As strange as it may sound the more you think about it the more you will come to realise that the more money people make the deeper they get into debt. It almost seems that finding another job with better pay check is not the most effective solution to get out of debt.
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