• Building Wealth: Its An Inside Job - Part 2

    Let's quickly review the principles discussed in the first part of building wealth. We established that prosperity consciousness must first be developed mentally to acquire any real wealth. A person that constantly worries about money most likely is living in scarcity consciousness regardless of the size of his or her bank account. We talked about some methods and daily exercises that can be employed to start developing a stronger level of prosperity consciousness. The first exercise uses written affirmations, the second utilizes visualization, and finally we need to become more aware of how willing we are to give and receive prosperity on a daily basis. If we start using these methods, we'll begin to see gradual changes in our lives that will become larger over time.

    Discover the Secrets and Possible Solutions To Money Problems

    It is sometimes pitful how many projects are never bornor die simply because of the flimsy excuse : We don'thave enough money !

    How To Grow Your Mental Power and Let Your Brain Make You Rich

    No one has complete control over their thoughts. But with practice, with deliberate attention, far more control can be achieved. Here are five rules that show you how.

    5 Simple Steps for Serious Saving and Financial Growth

    1) Pay off your loan, credit and store card debt and resist the temptation to keep on spending money you don't yet have.

    How Much Do You Need To Earn Per Hour To Achieve Your Yearly Financial Goals

    Have you ever asked yourself what your highest income producing activity is?

    Want Money? You Got It!

    Six out of six people who were asked to list their highest priority in life said, "I want money". Maybe not in those exact words, but that was the gist of the request. Understand, when you ask the Universe for something the Universe must help provide it. All six of these people are getting exactly what they asked for. They are 'wanting money'.

    The Predicament of the Newly Rich

    They are the object of thinly disguised envy. They are the raw materials of vulgar jokes and the targets of popular aggression. They are the Newly Rich. Perhaps they should be dealt with more appropriately within the academic discipline of psychology, but then economics in a branch of psychology. To many, they represent a psychopathology or a sociopathology.

    Simple Strategies to Making Financial Gain

    Now is a great time to make it a habit to manage your resources instead of your resources managing you. What is meant by that when we are stating that "Your money manages you"? Here is a well known example:

    Starting With Smaller Goals First And Work Your Way Up Until You Achieve Financial Freedom

    While you need to have a lot of positive-thought and confidence in order to be self-motivated, there are a few things that you can do which will help you to achieve all three things. These steps are generally pretty easy to do - and since they're simple steps, they may seem a little less daunting at first than having to figure out how to be positive-thinking and confident right out of the blue.

    How Should I Create Passive Income?

    If you're wondering where to create passive income, then you are likely not alone. There are hundreds of different ways, however, so you're sure to find something that will work for you. The one thing to remember about creating passive income, however, is that being creative is a huge benefit - and that you should try to create passive income in several different ways.

    Turn Your Job Loss Into the Opportunity of a Lifetime

    There are few things in life that are more stressful than the loss of a job. You may think that the loss of your steady paycheck puts financial freedom that much further off, but nothing can be further from the truth.

    Financial Freedom for Every Employee

    You may think you have to be an entrepreneur to achieve your goal of financial freedom, but that is not necessarily true. While it is true that owning your own business is an excellent way to generate passive income, financial freedom is not entirely dependent on business ownership.

    Money Mastery

    Money can be your servant or it can be your master. The choice is yours to make. If you want to be the master in this relationship, you must learn to assert your control.
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