• Don't Work for Your Money, Make it Work for You!

    Well, the New Year is around the corner and so are New Year's Resolutions! It's such a great time of year to consider what the past year has brought us and what we want to create in the coming year.

    Building Blocks of a Financial Foundation

    You can't build a house from the roof down, and you can't build a financial fortune from the roof down either. You have to build a foundation first.

    Controversial Wealth Audit Reveals Over 90 Percent of Us Could End Up Working Forever...Are You One

    Results from a new tool developed by UK basedfirm, Lean Marketing, confirm a worrying trend.

    Build Wealth From Home

    As you sit in traffic, inching along between irate drivers, you think to yourself, there must be a better way. You get to work, you endure another tirade from an incompetent boss, and you think, there must be a better way. You work hard, you're underappreciated, underpaid, and fed up. After all this, you can barely pay the bills, and haven't taken a real vacation in years.

    The Hawk and the Mouse - Saving for Retirement

    There once was a hawk, ferocious and swift. He was young and agile with many years of life to hunt the open ranch lands. In a nearby field, a mouse scurried about the ground. The hawk saw the hurried motion and swept speedily toward the rodent.

    How to Save Money and Take the Vacation You Always Wanted

    Now that you have an account to put all of your saved money in, you will have to determine what is important to you. Is that cup of Star Bucks coffee worth having to drive to Gulf Shores for your vacation? Doesn't a trip to Hawaii sound better? Now cutting out your Star Bucks won't pay for your vacation to Hawaii, but it will pay for the plane ticket. If you are getting a cup of star bucks 5 days a week at $4 dollars a day that equals $20 a week. Which turns into a savings of $1040 dollars a year. Is that cup of coffee that good? Remember you don't have to cut back completely you could only get Star Bucks two days a week and over a year you would save $624.

    10 Ways To Find The Money Hiding In Your Paycheck

    No matter how tight things are financially for you; no matter how bleak you think that 2005 might be, if you are earning a paycheck then there's extra money hiding in it. You just need to know where to look. Here are 10 ways to bring that money out into the open.

    Plan For Wealth

    One very important wealth creating habit is to set up a concrete plan that you can actually follow. You see, wealth takes planning, and is usually the result of taking a set of orderly, progressive steps from where you are now to where you want to be financially.

    Still Using Federal Reserve Notes?(How to Beat Inflation)


    Online Retirement Opportunity: Freelance Copywriting

    For most of us, the idea of retiring simply on our pension is not a happy prospect.

    The Three Step Plan To Prosperity

    You have $100 in your bank account, your rent is past due, your creditors are calling, your business is dwindling and to top it all off, someone sideswiped your car and now it won't start.

    The 11 Best Money Saving Ideas of All Time - Part 4

    At any time in history, no matter what the current state of the economy, no matter what the current trends, no matter what the unemployment rate is or where interest rates lurk, some money-saving ideas stay true.

    The Underlying Belief System

    Many of us do not consider the underlying belief system about money to be of any importance. You think it does not matter, because what matters is what you do now. Right, at one level, but not complete. All ideas that we have learned about money in the past are colouring our actions today.
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