• Trustees: Who Can You Trust?

    Early in my legal career I represented two young women in their early 20s.

    Living Trusts: Do They Protect Your Assets From Creditors?

    A surprising number of readers want to know "Can a living trust protect my family's assets from creditors and lawsuits?"

    My Entrepreneurial Fire-I Grabbed My First Million Before I Got Too Old

    My First Million took me exactly 27 months to achieve. I remember the day I made the resolution with self respect. It was a brave choice and required some faith. But looking back, faith had little to do with it. You see, I knew some things that I didnt know before after reading a book. The book made so much sense to me and was clear...so clear infact that it passed on Vision to me.

    My Ambitious Niche - A Completely NEW Way To Find Ambitious Wealth

    Turn to the year 1999, a couple of friends sitting on a deck drinking beer and having a few laughs. The intelligent looking one (ME) sips a bud as he looks over to where his wife is, over through the window in the kitchen.

    How I made $122,000 and lost $132,000 - A lesson in Assets vs Liabilities

    This is a true story from my own experience that illustrates how buying assets for wealth creation works.

    Q and A: Financial Independence Tips For Women From Coni Cecil

    Q: I really admire your emphasis on marketing and financial freedom, especially the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. What circumstances in women's lives help or hinder them to achieve their financial freedom?

    Start A Cashflow Club

    The cashflow board games, Cashflow 101, Cashflow 202, and Cashflow For Kids, were designed by Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series.

    Early Retirement The Dream of the Working Classes

    Everyone dreams of early retirement. The idea of no longer having to work at an early age is very attractive to some people and they dream and wish all day long about the day that they can afford to say, Take this job and? well, you know. Unfortunately, for many people, early retirement is a dream that will never be realized. It is not because they are in a job that won't allow early retirement or because they love their work so much that they can't bear to leave it. It is simply because they spent their time dreaming about early retirement rather than planning for it.

    Build Wealth - Formula To Success

    A mole travels one road, according to the way nature intended him; and a squirrel travels another. They cannot follow the same path to get ahead. But the mole is not a failure because he cannot climb a tree, nor does the squirrel sit down and mope because he cannot travel under­ground. You cannot make a ship sail on dry land to any port; and it is equally foolish to try to make one person reach money and prosperity by the same road which another travels with ease.

    Wealth Creation - Opportunity

    When young men ask me how to succeed, I tell them, 'Don't spend money on yourself until you no longer need it to expand your business. Any young man willing to pay the price can rise to success.' Opportunity never stops at the door, knocks and passes on-Opportunity eats with you, works be­side you and at night sleeps on the door-mat. Blame no one but yourself if you ignore her.

    Personal Finance Rules to Building Wealth

    Key 1 Pay your self first

    New Year Resolutions to a Better Financial Future

    There could not be a better time to mull over the changes needed in our life style than at the beginning of a New Year. This is also a good time to set yearly goals and make resolutions. Each year, according to statistics, almost a third of us make some kinds of New Year Resolutions. Interestingly, although financial future is our main cause of anxiety, our personal finance, according to surveys, gets only to the fifth place in the list of most common New Year resolutions.

    Let Me Inspire You - You Aint Seen Nothing Yet! (PART-1)

    You know about compounding right? You understand what pyramiding your result on a weekly basis can do for your seed capital over a short time. You understand that taking just $100 and compounding it at just 8% per week, you can expect to achieve $4371.00 in just 12 months. Taken further, if that was $1000 instead of $100 your end result would be $43,710 and of course if that $1000 was $10,000 you would make nearly half a million in 12 quick months.
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